The company technology talent formal training classes

to further implement the company's human resources development strategy, perfect the training mechanism of technological talents, to enhance the level of technology, personnel quality and comprehensive ability, in February 28th, the company technology personnel training class in the four floor conference room opened. The chairman of the company Lu Xinguo, deputy general manager Jin Wannian production, technical director Wang Penghong and other leaders attended the opening ceremony. More than 30 companies technology personnel to attend the opening ceremony and participate in the process of skill training.

the company has always attached great importance to the production process and technical personnel professional quality promotion, has for many years the organization of occupation skill training and evaluation activities, the rate of production personnel continued to rise, and now the company obtain technician certificate personnel more than 60 people. Through the occupation skill training, company technology personnel in the aspects of theory and practice are not a small upgrade, to standardize the production process and a positive role to enhance production management. The company hopes will continue to carry out the work on, and constantly improve the enterprise employee occupation skill level, lay a solid foundation for production process, promote the enterprise's production process has been further improved.

This training is organized by Chairman Lu Xinguo personally, the production department, technical department, design department to be responsible for the specific work to come to our company for training, on-site guidance technology level through the company senior technicians on-site instruction and invite domestic and foreign clothing Institute experts to participate in the training of personnel, to improve the technological level and production technology. The training will take the theoretical knowledge, practical ability training and explain the interaction of combining form, to enable students to better grasp the course content, to further enhance the training effect.

The opening ceremony for the opening, chairman Lu Xinguo mobilization speech. Technical director Wang Penghong introduced this training course design and teaching contents. According to the requirements of the company carefully prepare the training class, the purpose of which is to cultivate a team of excellent quality, service essence, ability, good style of reserve personnel, and promote the comprehensive upgrade the comprehensive development company technology personnel and comprehensive quality.

To participate in the training of personnel, one is to improve the understanding of the important significance of clear, hold technology personnel training class. To fully understand the holding training classes is the implementation of talent development strategy, the fundamental measures to promote the sustained and healthy development of the company, is an important way to build high quality play technology personnel, is a solid foundation for the all-round development of talents. Two is a comprehensive development, adapt to the requirements of technology talents quality. In possession of strong professional ability, lasting learning consciousness, to a good style of work, and constantly improve the grasp of their own. Three is the strict discipline, to ensure that the learning training results, effective. Should static next hearts will participate in the training, consciously abide by the rules and regulations of the company, by writing learning way to further consolidate the results of the study, make the training effectiveness.

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